Live Webinar + Q&A

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home and Simplifying Your Life

This Webinar is for you if you are ready to transform your home from chaos into calm. Learn how to successfully declutter, organise and maintain a clutter-free home with these five simple steps. Let’s clear the clutter and create a home you love.


Rachel Williams


This training is for you if you:

  • Are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by all your stuff
  • Are constantly running late and feeling exhausted
  • Are struggling to get and stay organised
  • Are tired of seeing a mess and having no time to deal with it
  • Are not sure where to start?

If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got – Henry Ford

This training is also for you if you:

  • Want to know how to make those hard decluttering decisions and have the power to let go
  • Want to have the ability to organise your home, so everything is easier to find
  • Want to feel confident you can welcome guests into your home at short notice
  • Want to have more time, energy, and freedom to focus on what’s important to you
  • Want a peaceful, happy home that supports the way you and your family want to live

The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain

In this live training you’ll discover:

  • The importance of knowing your why and how creating a vision will help maintain your motivation and focus throughout your journey.
  • Some of the mindsets that can stop us from enjoying a clutter-free home and strategies to overcome these roadblocks to beat the clutter!
  • The key areas to consider when creating a declutter plan to set you up for success.
  • Some popular decluttering methods and organising techniques to help reclaim space, regain control, and restore calm in your home.
  • Simple systems and processes to help keep your home looking neat, tidy, and clutter-free into the future.

About the Presenter

Rachel Williams

Rachel is a single mum of three energic teenagers. After working for two decades in the IT Service Management sector, Rachel now provides training for running a more organised, simplified home.

Drawing from personal life experiences and the wealth of wisdom available within the Professional Organiser Community, Rachel offers practical guidance and encouragement for clearing the clutter and enjoying a more simplified life of living with less.

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